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Shelby Farms Park: Heart of the Park

Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms Park Connector

Shelby Farms Park announced today that their connector trail is now open! This paved bike/ped trail connects Shelby Farms Greenline to the Wolf River Pedestrian Bridge. The trail parallels Farm Road and winds around the western edge of future Patriot Lake. It’s a great place to get a sneak peek of the work being done and to cruise past their herd of buffalo.

(Pine Lake Drive is now closed to all traffic.)

Heart of the Park is a visionary reimagining of Patriot Lake – a well-loved but ecologically dysfunctional lake in the center of Shelby Farms Park, which was created when dirt was needed to cap a nearby landfill. From humble beginnings, the Heart of the Park will become a vibrant and diverse community hub, an environmental teaching tool, an important part of the business plan to sustain the Park, a gathering place for health and recreation, relaxation and big water adventure. It will be an exemplar for innovative urban landscape design, environmentally responsive architecture, and world class programming for health, happiness and inclusion for the Mid-South.   

Patriot Lake will be expanded from 52 acres to nearly 80 acres, dramatically improving the watershed, health of the landscapes and lake ecology through the installation of a liner, planting thousands of native trees, shrubs and other vegetation and shaping landscapes to the north to ensure groundwater flows into the lake.  

A new Visitor Center will include education space, a cafe, a gift shop and a big front porch where visitors can watch sailboats and kayaks on the lake.  A new boat rental kiosk will allow patrons to rent canoes, kayaks and paddle boats.  A signature “farm-to-table” restaurant and rustic retreat center on the east end of the Heart of the Park will offer a dramatic view of the expanded lake. Children will enjoy a new water play area, along with an educational Wetland Walk.  The quiet forest walk on the south side of the lake will feature wet-footed trees.  

Check out this animation of Heart of the Park:

Go here for more info.

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