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Mega Water Balloon War (Cancelled)

Photo from: Cairo Tatum

UPDATE: The First Annual Water Balloon War appears to have been cancelled. The event is no longer on Facebook or any of the other places it had previously existed and Shelby Farms Park has told us no such event was ever officially scheduled for the park. In addition, we’ve been unable to get a response about the state of the event from the organizer. So, as far as we can tell, the event has been cancelled.

What does that mean? Well, since we had such a huge response to this post, we think there should be a citywide water balloon war somewhere! Do you know someone who could coordinate and host this event? If so, let us know in the comments or send this post their way and have them contact us directly by emailing Let’s make it happen!


You can start cooling off and enjoying the Memphis summer during the first ever Shelby Farms Mega Water Balloon War on May 29th from 12 pm till 7 pm.

Bring whoever you want to this watery shindig, planned by University of Memphis student Cairo Tatum. Family, friends, and anyone you want to see soaked are welcome. The water war is free! Water balloons, water guns, and whatever water weaponry you have are allowed.

During the intense warfare, you can fire streams, catapult balloons, or do anything you can to hit fellow warriors with water. Between battles you can refresh yourself with Hawaiian food, juice, or smoothies from the Mahalo Life food truck.

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