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Shab Chic Marketplace Pop Up Shop 7/21

Photo: Shab Chic Marketplace

The Shab Chic Marketplace will open on Saturday, July 21 where you can check out featured vendors from 11am to 5pm.

The event will be packed full of shopping, eating and networking opportunities, so clear your schedule!

This unique marketplace is made up of specially designed shipping containers than serve as businesses’ storefronts. Overall, Shab Chic wants these shipping containers to promote local innovation and creativity.

The founders, Ebony Doss of St Louis, Missouri, and Brian Christion of Memphis, Tennessee, have a passion for uplifting smaller businesses. As a result, their spaces provide an opportunity for business owners to try their hand at running a store in an unconventional, but creative way.

In addition, the eclectic space provides a fun experience for visitors. Each container is designed stylishly for both vendor and visitors, and the outdoor market itself hip-themed and welcoming.

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Read more about Shab Chic here.

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