Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Settling Into My Apartment and Showing My Parents Around Town

Hey, y’all! I hope this was a great week for everyone out there. This past week was quite busy for me but I do have some exciting news…I’m fully moved into my new apartment! I’ve found a wonderful one bedroom in Idlewild. I love how quiet the neighborhood is and yet it is walking-distance to Cooper-Young and Overton Square. My commute is now 8-10 minutes long which makes it feel like I have more time in my days.

One stark difference between apartment hunting in Memphis and Boston is how easy it is to find somewhere to live in this city. Easily the predominant factor which makes apartment hunting easy is the affordability. In Boston, you have to be ready to pay rent for the first month, last month, and a security deposit which is usually a half month’s rent. Apartments are also much more expensive and difficult to find in the desirable areas. It took me about a week to find a place to live in Memphis.

This weekend was also my first time experiencing Cooper-Young Fest and it was amazing! My parents were in town from Boston so they were able to join in on the festivities. I am happy they were able to see the festival and have a first-hand experience in the local culture and can see all that Memphis has to offer. My mom was impressed with the variety in vendors. She was right, you didn’t see the same style art sold twice.

After Cooper-Young Fest we went to Railgarten where Greyhounds, from Austin, was playing.  Each time I go to Railgarten I am very impressed with all they have to offer. I even ran into some friends from work and lost a game of giant Jenga. As a trial run for taking folks visiting from Boston, it went very well! We stayed for almost three hours before responsibly Uber-ing home.

I wanted to make sure my parents had a comprehensive tour of my neighborhood so on Sunday we went to Lafayette’s in Overton Square and saw Emily Barker, who is touring through the States from Australia. They were also impressed with Lafayette’s and felt they had a comfortable atmosphere. Slowly but surely I am building an itinerary for when my friends and family visit.

I apologize to all of you I did not have more pictures this week. I will make sure to snap away in my future posts. I’m also looking to move away from the weekend snapshots and build a theme to my posts. So next week I should get a bit more philosophical. Until then, I hope you all take care!

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