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Seeing Phantom of the Opera at The Orpheum

Photo: Alastair Muir

I am a lover of nearly all things art. I gravitate towards the most artistically based activities that are happening in Memphis. And, honestly, I cannot help it. I’m a spring baby and I am an Earth sign. My inner Taurus craves to either observe the arts or actively create my own art. So when I heard that the musical  “The Phantom of the Opera” would be in town, I jumped at the opportunity to see it. 

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – Derrick Davis and Eva Tavares – photo Matthew Murphy, courtesy of The Orpheum

 I remember hearing about the novel over the years and I had former classmates talk about how they were required to read it for their World Literature class in grade school. And of course, as a student, I was not interested in reading it because I had a difficult time with reading Shakespeare. Nevertheless, I was eager to see what everyone raves about.

My date for the night was none other than my awesome two year old daughter, baby girl. Now I know you’re probably reading this and you’re scratching your head, making a scrunched up face, giving me the side eye or maybe you get it. A lot of people have already questioned, “Who brings a two year old to see the Phantom of the Opera?” I did and guess what, my daughter loved the show. She actually sat and watched the 2 hour and 30 minute production and she gave it her undivided attention. She asked a lot of questions about the characters and she reacted with much excitement during the moments of special effects. She and I both enjoyed the scene with the chandelier and the use of fire throughout the show.

Ultimately, I felt for the actual character Phantom. I felt he was misunderstood and I observed that he behaved in certain ways because of the lack of empathy from others. I do not want to give the story away because I think it’s worth seeing and I encourage others to go see it while it’s still in town. I also recommend that if you see the show, you should use some free time to read the play. I’ll be reading the play soon so that I can get more in-depth with the characters and storyline.

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