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Seeing IT at the Malco Summer Drive-In

Photo: Amanda Hill

Movies are a great way to find some escape from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re watching an action thriller or a scary movie, sometimes it’s nice just to lean back and stuff your face with handfuls of popcorn while the dramatic music and over the top explosions draw you in.

Typically, I’m not much of a scary movie person. The Grudge gave me countless nightmares when I was younger and made it incredibly difficult to sleep. The scene where the little boy grabs the woman beneath the covers haunted me for weeks. I couldn’t even feel safe in my own bed! Needless to say, scary movies aren’t really my thing. However, this past weekend I was convinced to go watch “It.” Now, I hate clowns. I really hate clowns, so this was a tough decision for me but I broke down and agreed. In an effort to make it less scary we decided to go watch it at the Malco Drive in on Summer Avenue.

I hadn’t been to a drive-in theater in a years so getting to go was almost refreshing. Upon entering, you come to the ticket booth where they charge $7.50 per person for a double feature. Be sure to check the website to get an idea of what movies they’re playing so you can watch two movies for the price of one! They have four screens to choose from, and typically, they start the first movie at 8 and play another one at 10. All four screens have two showings and usually they’re different movies. The cool thing is that once your movie is finished, you can drive around to whatever screen to watch the next one!

Once we got settled in front of our screen, the way you watch the movie is really up to you. Thankfully I have an SUV and a big trunk, so I had the trunk facing the screen and we cozied up in the back with some blankets and pillows. Some people are just content watching it in the driver and front seat while others bring lawn chairs to sit outside of the car. Regardless of how you want to do it, try and plan ahead and come prepared! Bring some of your own snacks and drinks, and do yourself a favor and don’t forget the bug spray! Even though the weather has cooled down, the mosquitos are still out in full force.

It was a good atmosphere and the quality of the picture was great. Albeit it was kind of hard to see images when it was a dark scene, it made it less scary so I wasn’t complaining. The sound quality for the movie was really good too. The sound for the movies comes through the radio, and every screen has their own specific radio station that they broadcast their sound on to. The sound was clear and in sync, but it was nice just being able to control the volume with your very own radio dial so anyone can enjoy it at whatever level they want.

So, once you’re comfortable and have the right snacks opened up, kick back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air and the movie on the big screen.

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