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Seeing Hannibal Buress at Minglewood Hall

Hannibal Buress has been one of my favorite comedians since I first saw him on “Broad City”. Last night I was finally able to see one of his stand up routines here at Minglewood Hall. I’d been to stand up shows before but not on the scale of seeing someone like Hannibal Buress.

Lately, I’ll admit that I haven’t been following my plan to make sure to do activities during the work week. The kids’ state tests are coming up and the mood of the school year has definitely changed. Another friend that’s also a teacher, Corey, joined me last night and although the show made for a late night (we were yawning around 9:00pm, our usual time to call it a night…) it felt so great to look forward to a night out that happened during the week, and not on the weekend. I’m definitely making more of an effort to get out there, especially now that the weather is going to be warming up.

Hannibal was hilarious and so much fun. His jokes and the way he plays around with multimedia during his set is perfection. I’m glad I was able to catch him in Memphis along with other great comedians like Kevin Bozeman. Also, they’re both Chicagoans so it was also fun hearing jabs about Chicago down in Memphis.

Even though I was two hours late to my sleep appointment, going out last night was a great time of recharging with laughs in the middle of the week and made for being in greater spirits the rest of the week!

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