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Seeing the Grizzlies Beat Golden State

Aside from the typical Chicago Bulls’ 90’s heyday nostalgia that every Chicagoan millennial is raised on, I was never really into basketball or the NBA. These past months in Memphis, I’ve seen how much love Memphians have for the Grizzlies and the influence the team has on the culture of the city, even the TFA Memphis Corps. The grit and grind mantra of the team fits so perfectly with the work we do in TFA, I’d be disappointed if my regional corps didn’t take advantage of such a cool ideology!

Coincidentally, I was able to attend my very first Grizzlies game Saturday night thanks to free tickets from TFA (love y’all xoxo). Even though I knew barely anything about the team, I know I’m terrible, I was still really excited to see the team that I’d heard and seen so much about. The FedEx Forum’s location right off of Beale Street is amazing, but it does make for some traffic issues. Luckily, we took a Lyft downtown and had an amazing driver that took us an alternate route to beat the crowds as much as we could, thank you Samuel! 

I was honestly taken aback by how massive the Grindhouse was inside. I loved the energy and vibe of the fans! The Grizzlies were playing against the Golden State Warriors but you couldn’t tell from the passion and excitement of Memphians that they were taking on last year’s champions; Grizzlies fans had full confidence this game would be ours. And what a GAME. 

As I got familiar with Grizzlies players, the pace of the game, and saw the talent on our team, i was on the edge of my seat watching the magic unfold on the court. The win on Saturday was awesome to experience. From seeing Steph Curry get ejected to watching a live band inside the stadium (is that a thing in other NBA arenas/stadiums?!), it was definitely one of my favorite Saturday nights here so far. The night out on Beale after the game was a nice bonus, too!

Samuel, our Lyft driver, mentioned that the Grizzline drumline plays out on Beale before games so I’m definitely making it out early to witness that. I can’t wait for my next game!! It’s so cool being in a city that has a team like the Grizzlies whose influence is felt even in the corps here. Grit & grind!

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