Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Seeing The Art in Every Day Featuring Alive Paint

“The first thing I would tell them kids is ‘art is everywhere’… Everything we are looking at from the floor to your shoes to your socks, someone had to design that. That’s an artist”

Jamond Bullock is a muralist, live performance artist, and up until recently, an art teacher in Shelby County Schools. His murals can be found all over the city, region, country, and even in the Middle East. Several of Jamond’s murals were done in collaboration with fellow artist Joseph Boyd.

What drives Jamond, though, is a desire to see people come together. Something you can see allusions of in his work with vibrant colors intermingling to create a cohesive experience. He credits his time as a teacher with creating a desire to acknowledge how hard artists are working and how often that work goes unnoticed.

“Memphis is a place where, if you are consistent in doing whatever you are doing, you can make it.”

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