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See New Plans Revealed for Historic Downtown Building

Restoration and new life to the S C Toof building. Photos courtesy of the Downtown Memphis Commission.

Once a thriving business, the S C Toof Building has sat empty at 195 Madison Ave for years. Erected in 1913, the Toof building stands at over a century old, and since 1982 has been included in the National Register of Historic Places. Such an historically significant piece of architecture deserves much more than to be decrepit and ignored; even more so, it has too much dignity to be demolished and replaced.

S C Toof building

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Memphis Commission

Cue Pressbox.

[Pressbox logo]

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Memphis Commission

Pressbox is moving into the S C Toof building to create innovative, adaptive-use, mixed-use spacing; this includes 50 loft spaces of varying sizes. The branding of Pressbox has been careful and seeks to honor both the historical use of the building and the surrounding environment. The printing industry uses a foundational color code for all print colors – CMYK, or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Pressbox captures this in their logo, signage, and proposed LED lighting that will pay homage to S C Toof & Co. Further, the name “Pressbox” is descriptive of its location, as the building is situated immediately adjacent to Autozone Park. By honoring the historical nature of the S C Toof building and by appealing to its neighbors, Pressbox is taking a strong step forward in both remembering the legacy of Memphis and in moving the city forward with respect and innovation. See the floor plans here for the lofts.

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Memphis Commission

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Memphis Commission

Also nearby, and demonstrating some pretty awesome architecture is Visible Music College.

Interested in learning more about Pressbox Lofts? Check out the Downtown Memphis Commission’s project information. The signage is to be approved on Feb. 4th by the signs committee. You can also go here for more info.

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