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SCS is 901

Shelby County Schools is undeniably woven into the fabric of Memphis. There’s a thread that connects each of us to a school, a teacher, a student, or a moment.

Many of us are alumni of local public schools. Some of us have children currently in the school system. And because SCS is one of the city’s largest employers, many of us work in public schools or care about someone who does. Even if none of those things accurately describes your connection, the health and success of SCS impact all of us in the 901, and our best path to a better, stronger city will come through a better, stronger SCS.

For all of the stories about the challenges faced by SCS, there are also stories of perseverance, triumph, and excellence. In an effort to amplify the good and affirm just how important the schools are to the city, and the city is to the schools, SCS recently launched the SCS is 901 campaign.

SCS is 901 includes a series of videos which highlight the outstanding educators, students, and communities within the school system. Each video has a theme that comes from words associated with both Memphis and SCS: innovation, heart, determination, soul, and pride.

From the campaign website: 

The things that make Memphis great are the same things that make SCS great. We have HEART, and we care for each other and our city. We are DETERMINED in the face of obstacles. We have PRIDE in our history and communities. We are INNOVATIVE as we prepare for the future. We have SOUL – we are authentic and passionate. WE ARE 901.

Jaclyn Suffel, the manager of strategic communications and outreach for SCS, shared more background on what led to the campaign with The Daily Memphian— Tipping Point: Shelby County Schools’ campaign tells a new story.

You can watch the first wave of videos below (all are under 5 minutes long), and visit to watch their series dedicated to 2019 graduates.

When you’re done watching, consider giving a show of your support by taking the SCS is 901 Pledge. It asks each of us to:

  1. Carry the message.
  2. Contribute time, resources, and expertise.
  3. Show up, speak up and be an advocate.

“Our public school system is perhaps the single-most-important institution in dictating the future success of our city. Even in light of this, we still struggle to gain community support in seeking long-term investments from the city and county. We need our community to rise up and say openly ‘Our public schools matter and we will fight for them.’ That’s what this pledge is all about—it’s a pledge to have our back as we work to improve and to hold our public officials accountable in supporting us. They have to see us as an essential part of the solution to blight and crime and invest accordingly.” — Jaclyn Suffel, SCS Manager of Strategic Communications and Outreach






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