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Running with Salty Dogs

Oh, hello everybody! I hope y’all had a great Music Fest Weekend. I know I did! Seeing David Byrne evoked a strong head explosion emoji for sure.

Even though it will reach the 90s this weekend, summer is still almost upon us and I am on a quest for my beach bod. I know technically if you have a body and it is on the beach you have a beach body but at the same time I would love to wear a speedo that doesn’t offend the general population. To help with this journey to sveltedom, I’ve taken up running more seriously. While solo journeys are a great way to inhabit introspection and learn how Memphis streets connect, you still need to find a good running community. This past week I joined a running group, The Salty Dogs.

Meeting at Bardog downtown every Monday at 7, Salty Dogs is a running community whose weekly runs vary from 3-5 miles. This a perfect distance to shake off the weekend cobwebs and Monday blues. After the run the group meets again at Bardog for drinks, discussion, and dinner.

Salty Dogs have been running together since April 2010. Started by a former bartender at Bardog, it is now led by Miles Durfey who is a really rad dude. He varies the route from week to week and uses their Facebook group to solicit suggestions on the next route. I’m grateful he was so welcoming and allowed me to pick his brain for this post.

I look forward to running with this group again and joining them on their annual 5k in August. If you have the opportunity to run with Salty Dogs I highly recommend it. Group running is a great way to build community and keep your fitness up to snuff. My advice would be to bring a good attitude and sunglasses as the route will involve direct rays of sunshine at certain points. Thank you for reading and keep on grinding!

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