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Running in Memphis

Can we agree that running can be boring sometimes? A treadmill can be dreadful while you run in place for hours on end. Running the exact same route on a trail is better, but after months of the same trail, things can get a bit more monotonous. Here are some ideas and specific routes to consider when thinking about spicing up your next jog with some Memphis or maybe just different, views.

The Riverfront/Downtown Run

I guess you could consider this a trail of sorts, but it’s got better scenery than your average trail. Picture this, you’ve had a tough day at work downtown, or a great day and you want to cap it off with a dope run. What better place to run than along the Mississippi River. Start in Tom Lee Park and take a jog down the river while watching the sunset on the Mississippi. If you fancy a change of scenery, head just a couple blocks east and take in some of the more historic parts of Memphis. You’ve got the Peabody, you’ve got Beale Street, the Civil Rights Museum and the FedEx Forum. Those are a couple of the sites I would try to visit, but hey, it’s your run, you’re calling the shots.

The Neighborhood Run

This one seems obvious, but it can add some extra flavor to your run. Most neighborhoods have lots of different roads making it easy to put together a collection of left and right turns to create a route you’ve never taken before. Maybe run to the other end of the neighborhood that you don’t visit all that often. Or take one route away from your house and make a game out of returning home by as different a route as possible. Maybe you run into your new favorite neighbor, or that dog you wish was yours.

University of Memphis Run

If you attend or live near the University of Memphis, college campuses present a great place to run. Sidewalks and bike lanes are everywhere, and the number of different routes is only limited by your imagination. Start at Second Presbyterian at Central and Goodlett and start running west toward the U of M campus. Take a left before you get to the Holiday Inn and take a jog past the art museum, cruise by the Elma Roane Fieldhouse, home of Lady Tigers basketball, all the way down to the University Center. After that, the choice is yours as there are dozens of different pathways and sidewalks to take you around the city’s largest campus. Maybe head down to Highland and run past the crowd at Brother Juniper’s and Cookout, or visit the John S. Wilder Tower and the Normal Depot Historical Landmark on the South side of campus.

The Golf Course Run

Even if you don’t like golf, golf courses usually supply a solid running trail. Right in the middle of Memphis, you have two courses in close proximity. Start in Audubon Park, run past a couple fairways there, then head down Goodlett street to Walnut Grove and head west to Galloway Golf Course. While avoiding errant tee shots, run through the neighborhood that encloses the outside edge of the golf course while running past houses that once upon a time were occupied by famous Memphians (like the house Rudy Gay lived in at the Southwest corner of the course). Maybe it’s just because I’m a golf guy, but a golf course run sounds solid to me.

Wolf River Run

This track is for more of the traditionalist, but nonetheless is a really solid place to run. You know that road out in Germantown that they were building for what felt like forever? Out near Germantown Country Club? Well not only does it cut five minutes off a commute, it also features wide margins and dedicated bike and running lanes. Tall trees on both sides, a glimpse of Germantown CC and you’re rewarded with Chick Fil A when you get to the end. Ummmm, yes, please.

Don’t wanna run solo? Join a Group Run.

If you’re a runner or someone in moderate shape and have been finding your typical cardio routine monotonous, consider Memphis Running Tours as one of your options to change things up.

Another option for group running is a running community called The Salty Dogs. They meeting at Bardog downtown every Monday at 7 with runs from 3-5 miles. After the run the group meets again at Bardog for drinks, discussion, and dinner.

A final option for group runs is to grab some friends or make some new ones with Breakaway Running who hosts free weekly group runs. Runners of all paces and experience levels are welcome at each group. With location options offered all over Memphis, you’re sure to find a route close to you.

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