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Roads Closed, School’s Shut! U of M Snowball Fight 2015

Photos and Article by Emilee Robinson and Lauren Berry


March 4, 2015, only 14 minutes after Bruce Harber sent out the email canceling classes due to inclement weather, @UofMemphis18 scheduled a school-wide snowball fight on campus, and everyone was invited.

Without thinking twice, we grabbed our cameras and trekked out into the untouched winter land that campus had become. Didn’t massive snowball fights only happen in the movies?  Were we about to witness a real life scene from the childhood favorite “Snow Day”?

ch901-2Sure enough, we step out onto the lawn and immediately we were hit with snow. Shielding our cameras from the war zone, we watched as the snowball fight started. To our right, a group of guys were tackling each other to the ground burying one another in snow. To the left, a group of girls were gathering snowball ammunition. It really was like a scene from a childhood film.

We sprinted through the rapid fire of snowballs to try to catch a word with the apparent MVP of the wintry fight. We asked Freshman snowballer William Gibson why he decided to join the fight.

“I wanted to enjoy myself today.” Gibson said. “I’ve been stressing over these papers I have to write for my English class, you gotta live life-AH!” Gibson was cut off by a brutal snowball to the face.

Out of the corner of our eyes, we saw a student in a blue Memphis hoodie being dragged through the snow by his friends (or not). We were immediately intrigued by his determination to continue the fight through his obvious defeat.

Jaylon Wallace, Sophomore.

Jaylon Wallace, Sophomore.

Out of breath, Jaylon Wallace expresses his thoughts on the Memphis ice storm.

“We don’t get much snow, usually in Memphis we get a lot of ice,” said Wallace. “So today we actually have the snow. This will be something that will lighten up the campus, especially before spring break.” Wallace said.

Wallace shows signs of a true Memphis Tiger and doesn’t back down from the battle. “I lost that fight, but I didn’t lose the whole thing.”

In the end, we were all winners because school was out.
Now remember kids, don’t stick your tongue on a pole, icicles are not popsicles, and don’t eat the yellow snow.

And incase you were wondering, this is pretty much how it went:

Happy Snow Days from us to you!

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