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“RiverPlay” Pop-Up Park Coming to Memphis Riverfront This Summer

Graphics: Fourth Bluff Project

Graphics: Fourth Bluff Project

Thanks to The Fourth Bluff project, Memphis Riverfront will be home to a new temporary pop-up park, RiverPlay, starting this May.

fourth bluff project pop up park

RiverPlay will have a variety of features including playing fields, basketball courts, a skating rink, and an area for food vendors. This new downtown hotspot in Memphis will begin constructing for the pop-up park on April 22nd and will be open through August.

Some partners for the RiverPlay park are the Memphis Grizzlies, the City of Memphis, Riverfront Development Corporation, and Downtown Memphis Commission.


“Everything we are doing at the Fourth Bluff fosters Memphians’ attraction to and curiosity about the riverfront,” says Benny Lendermon, President of the Riverfront Development Corporation. “This is where our city literally began, and it’s an area to which more and more people are returning. Temporary projects like RiverPlay are fun ways to get people, especially families with children, to see our riverfront parks and public spaces with new eyes. When people connect to our river, they connect to each other.”

The Fourth Bluff, which brought Memphis the Fourth Bluff Ice Rink this past winter, is a new project seeking to bring more parts of the Riverfront to life. It is a part of Reimagining the Civic Commons which is a partnership of the JPB Foundation, the Knight Foundation, the Kresge Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Fourth Bluff seeks to foster civic engagement, economic opportunity and environmental sustainability through the process of revitalizing and connecting parks, libraries, community centers, and other public places. Memphis is lucky enough to be one of the five cities that are a part of this nationwide initiative.

The Fourth Bluff is a reference to a four block area of the riverfront within a larger area called the Promenade. This includes places like the historic Cossitt Library, the Law School promenade, Memphis Park, Mississippi River Park, and the Riverwalk that connects them. The name “the Fourth Bluff” refers to the four bluffs that make up the Chickasaw Bluff formation, which the Memphis Riverfront is a part of.

“Creating better connections between downtown and the riverfront is one of our top priorities,” states Terence Patterson, President and CEO of the Downtown Memphis Commission. “We love this activation and the opportunity it affords for rethinking how we use these downtown spaces.”

More details about the public opening celebration of RiverPlay will be announced soon.

Go to The Fourth Bluff’s Facebook for more info and updates.

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