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Rhodes Startup QuikFix Offers Services to Homeowners at Affordable Rates

Rhodes startup QuixFix offers an easy solution to any “odd jobs” you need done around the house.

Photo: QuikFix

QuikFix was founded in 2017 by Finance major Ben Siegel and Econ major Parker Pell, two current Rhodes College students. They got the idea for the company after helping a friend move into a new house and being paid by his parents in dinners instead of cash. From that moment on, something clicked. College students are usually in need of extra work but their intensive class schedules restrict many from holding full-time jobs. People are also often in need of “odd job” services such as lawn care, moving, furniture assembly, etc. but can’t always afford to pay for professionals. QuikFix seeks to remedy that by offering students a chance to complete these tasks that don’t require an official license.

“The goal for QuikFix is to be the company that everyone in the U.S. uses for all handyman work and help that they need around their house. Currently, we are trying to saturate the Memphis market, expand throughout the state of Tennessee and in the next couple of years be a name brand throughout the Southeast.” – Ben Siegel

Their process is simple. Homeowners will first post a job on the QuikFix website. Then, local students registered on the site will be notified whenever new jobs are available. Upon completion, a bill is sent to the homeowner to complete an easy, online payment. Currently, they have 150 student workers at Rhodes, but are now adding workers from the University of Memphis, Southwest Community College, and Christian Brothers University.

Photo: QuikFix

Services Offered

  • Lawn Care
  • Moving (moving items/boxes around the house or to another location)
  • Party Setup/Cleanup
  • Hauling
  • Installations
  • Tech Help
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Outdoor Cleaning
  • Dog-Sitting/Walking
  • Car-Washes
  • Don’t see what you need listed? They also have a “custom job” option for you to describe exactly what you need!

Register to work here. Post a job here.

Visit their website and follow them on their Facebook page to learn more.

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