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Return of the Spiders

A collaboration between Jack O. (The Oblivians), John Whittemore (NTJ, Papa Top’s West Coast Turnaround), Dustin Crops (The Tearjerkers, Special Riders), Abe White, (The Manatees), Tee Cloar (NTJ)  and a special appearance from Tim Prudhomme (Luv Clowns) was definitely the highlight of my Halloween season. They came together back on the 20th of October to form an Alice Cooper tribute band called Return of the Spiders and played to a packed house at The Bayou/ Le Chardonnay Halloween party in Overton Square. They even had famed Memphis Flyer writer Chris Davis serve as “the executioner” as they acted out many of Alice Cooper’s classic stage antics from his heyday back in the early ’70s.

Alice Cooper is often cited as the architect of modern day heavy metal, and he is regarded as being the artist who “first introduced horror imagery to rock’n’roll, and whose stagecraft and showmanship have permanently transformed the genre” long before the hair metal bands of the 80’s and 90’s watered the genre down into the cartoon versions that landed on MTV.

White and Prudhomme traded off duties as Cooper from different eras and albums, but it was the backing band that really made the evening, sounding super tight as they channeled their inner heavy metal teenagers and lived out their rock and roll fantasies. While most of the shenanigans were performed as tongue-in-cheek, the exuberance the musicians showed while playing songs like, “Eighteen,” ‘Welcome to my Nightmare, ” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” were more than apparent. Could a classic AC/DC or Motorhead collaboration be on the horizon? Maybe if we pray hard enough to the gods of metal, our dreams might be answered…

Rumor has it the band is available for parties if the price is right. It would be absolutely money well spent. But be wary, the last party they played the cops showed up because the neighbors became overwhelmed by the pure metal that was exuded from the offending home.

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