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Reining It In, Eating Clean

Hello, everybody! This week was a little bit slow so I wanted to write about a life change I’ve recently made. When I moved down here, I was not used to being around so much amazing BBQ and really took my poor body to task with the delicious meats. I was not shy about what restaurant I’d go to, usually eating out for all three meals. Especially in the winter, when UberEats is just a finger tap away. All things must come to an end, unfortunately.

Last month I visited the cardiologist for my yearly checkup and had a minor anxiety attack regarding my dietary habits. I fell asleep that evening envisioning my cartoon heart, cigarette in mouth, gin in hand, not-so-silently judging me and the way I’ve been treating it. I made a decision to go vegan which will assuage my fears of premature death in the arms of a stranger in an unfortunate public place. Luckily for me, and other folks who have made the decision to cut animal products out of their lives, Memphis offers plenty of vegan options!

One wonderful standby which I have been patronizing since my move down here is Imagine Vegan in Cooper Young. Their Big Snack sandwich is awesome and their vegan milkshakes are also something to write home about. Fuel Café is also a great restaurant with an amazing vegan taco. A lot of the bars do not have vegan friendly entrees unfortunately BUT most of them have and appetizer or two to satisfy a dietary choice.

A great feature of eating vegan is the necessitation to cook a lot of meals at home. It helps my wallet for sure! Earlier in this blog, I wrote about finding supermarkets in the area. Both Kroger and Fresh Market have most of my dietary needs covered and my fridge is stocked with fermented soybean goodness. Now to find a store that sells nutritional yeast in bulk…

So far I have found that my mood has improved and I’ve even shaved off a couple of el bee ess during the last month. I hope that eating better than I did has a positive outcome on my ticker. If you are on the fence about going vegan, I highly recommend it. The dietary change is a lot easier than you might think. Even the absence of cheese isn’t THAT hard to do without. Memphis, with it’s well-deserved BBQ reputation, caters to many dietary choices. If you’re looking for some more spots to try, you might find this list useful. Until next time, keep on grinding!

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