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Places To Study Around Memphis

Photo: Emily Jordan

The end of the year is near and you know what that means…

Finals, projects, and papers…OH MY! Most college students can testify that this is, by far, the most frowned upon time of the year- I mean, who actually needs sleep, right? As we all know, studying in the same ol’ areas can be boring, less motivating, and sometimes stressful. Switch it up a bit and crack open those books in a spot that’s a little more easy on the eyes.

Cafe Eclectic

Photo: Cafe Eclectic

With three locations around town, Cafe Eclectic is known for their quiet and serene atmosphere that caters to most students’ needs. Whether you’re looking to do solo studying or even a study group, Cafe Eclectic offers top notch customer service and tasty treats to reward yourself when you kick that study guide’s butt.

 Shelby Farms Park

Fresh air does the mind some good, so how’s about taking things outside? Shelby Farms Park has wide open spaces, a beautiful lake that goes well with the sunset views, and dogs roaming around whose owners may allow an emotional support pat or two. Yes, we know it’s cold outside. Give it a few days. Fall/ Winter in Memphis means the occasional 70-degree day, we all know that. After you’ve put in work, catch a bite to eat at either the Kitchenette or The Kitchen Bistro and delight in the fact that you’re gonna kill it!

The Hub Coffeehouse

Located within Highpoint Church, The Hub Coffeehouse is a great spot for coffee, studying, and even group conferences. They have a luxurious conference room that can be reeserved to host meetings. The staff is super friendly, and they love our Memphis Grizzlies! Remember it is located within a church, so Sundays may get busy around there.

Java Cabana

Photo: Amanda Hill

Java Cabana

Serving Memphis since 1992, Java Cabana is one Memphis’ most beloved coffeehouses. Known for their French toast, Jerry Lee “Coffee Fix”, and open mic night, Java Cabana is the spot for students trying to make the most of their daily study habits.

Crosstown lanterns

Photo: Amanda Hill

Crosstown Concourse

The vertical village is teeming with potential study spots! French Truck Coffee is ready to tend to your caffeine fix and Today and Always is prepared to do the same but with plant-based options for our vegan and vegetarian friends out there. Both areas have their own cozy corners to post up in, but there’s also the theatre stairs on the 2nd floor and the co-working tables, couches, and seating on the 7th floor that is perfect for optimum level knowledge retainment.

Photo: The Office At Uptown

The Office at Uptown

The Office at Uptown is more than just a space for productivity and deep work. I mean, where else can you grab a quick bite to eat and mark things off your checklist while also being equipped with resources like printers, scanners, fax machines, etc? Nowhere else, that’s where!

South Main Market food hall

Photo: Amanda Hill

The South Main Market

It’s got coffee, it’s got sammies, it’s got adult beverages, and lots of windows to do some people watching downtown. The South Main Market is not only a great locale for putting in work, but also offers the best of our “city’s authentic flavors, fare and fun.”

Belltower Artisans

Photo: Kaje Simpson

Belltower Artisans

Opened by two local college students who understand what the grind is, Belltower Artisans is part coffee shop part pottery studio, so after you’ve hit the books hard, decompress with a cappuccino and a little wheel throwing.

Where are your favorite spots to hit the books? Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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