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26 Places to Get Fit in Memphis

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Looking to get in shape for the new year? Here are several places to get fit that are unique to Memphis.

  • The Box (580 Tillman St, 38112)

Offering a unique mix of classes including Crossfit, Krav Maga, and Kickboxing, The Box welcomes those of any fitness level to join their programs. After you complete your 7-day free trial, memberships are available based on what types of classes you want to continue taking.

  • Envision Memphis (149 Monroe Ave, 38103)

Not only does Envision Memphis have a full gym, but they also have personal training and group fitness classes available. In addition to all that, self-defense workshops, Kajukenbo Martial Arts, and boxing lessons are also offered regularly. After completing your free week here, you’ll love all of the amenities provided.

  • InsideOut Gym (2162 Courtland Pl, 38104)

Emphasizing fitness for the body, mind, and spirit through cultivating relationships with their members, this Memphis gym has been around since 1996 and owned by one of the original founders. Since it’s opening, InsideOut has continued to add different types of classes, and it guarantees over 40 free classes for members each week. If you join, take advantage of the $15 off coupon by liking their Facebook.

This gym strives to be different in their approach to fitness, and they strive to create a solid community for their members. Here, they promise experienced fitness coaches and a Crossfit community that supports and encourages its members. Exercises can be modified to fit your fitness level, and everyone from beginners to experts is welcomed.

  • Inbalance Fitness (794 S Cooper St, 38104)

This Cooper-Young gym promises a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. Through personal training, they can help you meet your fitness goals. Plans for individuals, couples, or small groups are available. After a free fitness consultation, you will be able to choose the trainer that aligns best your personal goals.

  • Q4 Fitness (426 S Grove Park Rd, 38117)

On top of offering new member specials including a free week, a free fitness assessment, AND 30 days of discounted personal training, members also have access to group fitness classes, onsite childcare, a sauna, and a smoothie bar. Classes available include the LES MILLS series, barre, and spin.

Class schedules change based on which location you visit, but there is always a healthy mix of total body, spin, zumba, and more. Personal training is offered here, as well as an open gym environment. Visit their website for a free week pass to see all that’s offered in this workout mecca.

  • Energy Fitness Memphis (522 S Main, 38103)

Since 2002, Energy Fitness has been working with clients on overall fitness through personal training and nutrition coaching in small groups and one-on-one environments. They also offer corporate wellness options for those who want to expand their organization’s health and fitness programs.

Founded in 1991, this local 24 hour gym has expanded to 18 different locations in the Greater Memphis area. Their membership plans include an option that gives access to any ATC location, making it convenient to get a workout in no matter what part of town you’re in. Their Smart Start Training is free to all members and ensures a customized fitness plan.

  • Xtreme Fitness (2057 Fletcher Creek Dr, 38133)

With influences from a boxer’s training program, this cross training group fitness class is offered in the morning and afternoon. Outside of this boot camp style class, personal training is available. Check their Facebook for examples of the classes and updates on membership deals.

  • Recovery Training (1207 Macon View Dr, 38018)

If you or someone you know has recently had surgery or been injured, this is the place to go to get back into your workout routine. With specialized training including post surgery fitness, treatment and corrective training of common runner’s injuries, and more, Recovery Training can help you get back on your A game.

  • HarborTown Fitness (710 Harbor Bend Rd, 38103)

This 24 hour fitness center has cardio and strength training equipment for use, as well as group classes and personal training during the day. In addition to all that, HarborTown has recently added personal airbrush spray tanning to their list of amenities. If you want to drop in and see what this gym has to offer, daily and weekly passes are available.

Instructed by professional fighters, these kickboxing classes burn 600-1000 calories in just an hour. Though it isn’t housed in a typical gym environment, classes utilize cardio, core strengthening, kickboxing moves, and some yoga. Visit the website to get a week of free training.

  • NBS Fitness (556 Trinity Creek Cv, 38018)

Probably one of the more intense gyms on this list, NBS stands for No BS, and they mean it. Their trainers are professional, competitive athletes who strive to make you the best version of yourself. For the serious athlete who needs a gym where people train hard and support each other, NBS offers personal training, group training, and nutrition coaching.

  • Faction Strength and Conditioning (7740A Trinity Rd, Suite 109, 38018)

Faction houses Crossfit Memphis, which offers group training and one-on-one options. Through your free consultation and goals assessment, you’ll get to tour the training facility and see if Faction is the best choice for you. They also specialize in Olympic Weightlifting and have a traveling competition team.

  • RiverFit (Tom Lee Park) – Free

If you enjoy the outdoors and you’re looking to save a few bucks on that gym membership, you’re going to fall in love with RiverFit. Six fitness and exercise stations have been installed throughout Tom Lee Park along the riverfront. The beautiful views of the mighty Mississippi River will make you forget just how hard you’re working. The stations are for all ages and skill levels, so there’s really no reason not to get downtown and check it out.

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