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Pokemon GO: The Ultimate Guide to Catch ‘Em All in Memphis

Nearly everyone we know is playing Pokemon GO.

Here are some of the top public places in Memphis to sightsee, catch your favorite Pokemon, and meet other players. These spots are generally high traffic areas and great for walking. Don’t forget to check out some of Memphis’ most unique art installations and buildings along the way.

Bike Arch at Overton Square Photo: Leo Tylur

Bike Arch at Overton Square
Photo: Leo Tylur

  • Overton Park

Head out to Overton Park, and you are guaranteed to find other Pokemon Trainers. Visit spots within the park like Levitt Shell and the Greensward to find all kinds of Pokemon, gyms, and several lures. The word is that there are plenty of Charmanders.

  • Shelby Farms Park

Of course Memphis’ 4500 acre park would have a wide array of Pokemon waiting to be caught. Join their meetup on July 17 to meet other trainers and take advantage of the numerous pokestops and gyms. There have been several reports of Pikachu, Doduo, and Jigglypuff being spotted.

  • Memphis Botanic Garden

The Memphis Botanic Garden is open from 9am-6pm with regular admission costing $8 for adults and $5 for children. The MBG has welcomed Pokemon trainers to stop by and receive discounted admission on certain days. Keep up with their Facebook for more information on admission specials. Magicarp, Pinsir, and Slowpoke are commonly found here.

  • Memphis Riverfront

Mud IslandBeale Street Landing, and Tom Lee Park are just a few places along the Mississippi River where Pokemon are found and pokestops are frequent. Drowzee and Rhyhorn have been seen along with water type Pokemon like Squirtle and Psyduck.

  • University Campuses

Both University of Memphis and CBU have seen a ton of Pokemon action lately. Reportedly, all of the tiger statues on U of M’s campus are Pokestops, and CBU is filled with Horsea, Krabby, and Kakuna.

  • Memphis Zoo

Not only does our top-ranked Memphis Zoo offer a wide variety of animals, but it’s proven to be a Pokemon hotspot too. Adult admission is $15, and child admission is $10, but Tennessee residents with a valid ID can enter for free after 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. For more information on admission and rules about Free Tuesdays, visit the Memphis Zoo website. Filled with pokestops, the zoo is the perfect place to catch a wide variety of Pokemon.

  • Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

According to the Brooks Museum, recent Pokemon sightings include Charmanders, Spearows, Venonats, and Eevees. For information about museum pricing, go here. Each Wednesday is “pay what you can” for entrance, and donations of any size are welcomed.

  • Cooper-Young District

Photo: Amanda Hill

Photo: Amanda Hill

After you eat lunch at one of Cooper-Young’s tasty restaurants, be sure and stick around for Pokemon hunting, as many different ones have been seen including Pidgey, Venasaur, Lickitung, and Mankey just to name a few.

  • South Main

The South Main District is home to countless restaurants, shops, arts, and homes, but did you know it’s also home to Clefairy and Eevee among others? Adventure up and down South Main, and you are guaranteed some exciting finds. Take a trolley ride and hatch those eggs!

  • Malls

Memphis malls, specifically Wolfchase Galleria and Carriage Crossing, have been buzzing with Pokemon activity. Wolfchase is home to pokestops galore and many Pokemon species, while Carriage Crossing is home to gyms and Pokestops near the fountains.

  • Broad Avenue Arts District

With a ton of pokestops and a few gyms, you’ll have plenty of time to catch new Pokemon. Stock up on potions, take over a gym, and enjoy a pint or meal before visiting shops, and public art. You might even be able to catch a happy hour or two.

  • Overton Square

With lures and pokestops galore you are bound to capture some new Pokemon. Enjoy the local restaurants and make new friends while adding to your Pokedex. Belly Acres is offering specials depending on your character’s level.

  • National Ornamental Metal Museum

The Metal Museum welcomes all Pokemon Trainers to come visit their gym in the Foundry and numerous Pokestops. Admission for adults is $6, and students and children under 18 can enter for $4.

Don’t see your favorite restaurant on the list? Not a problem. Use Yelp’s new Pokestop filter to find a restaurant nearby where you can also recharge your item inventory. Now that’s some great multitasking!

More ways to catch ’em all:

Pro tips:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Take a friend or two if you’re going out past dark
  • Support local businesses while you’re out
  • Respect private property
  • Turn on the Battery Saver option and turn phone upside down to activate saver mode
  • Must have app open to count steps
  • Press the camera icon to take screenshots when Pokemon appear


Got a Pokemon hotspot, event, or deal at a local business we should include? Let us know in the comments!

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