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Peabody’s Capriccio Grill features new Southern Lunch Menu

On top of all of the things that the Peabody of Memphis has to offer, here’s another one to add to the list: the Capriccio Grill’s incredible new lunch menu! The Italian Steakhouse located inside the Peabody hotel has become a favorite place for Memphians, with its elegant interior and delicious dinner choices. The Capriccio Grill is now expanding its lunch menu, featuring everyone’s favorite southern dishes.


The Capriccio Grill has tailored the menu specifically for lunch on the go, a quick way to get a unique and quality dining experience whether you’re on lunch break or in the middle of a busy day. Being a popular place for guests of the hotel, the menu focuses strongly on southern style cuisine.  Sweet southern appetizers include dishes such as Fried Green Tomatoes and Shrimp and Grits, the menu also offering unique salad options like BBQ Salad in a Mason Jar. Delicious sandwich options include BBQ Pork Sandwich, Shrimp Po’ Boy, and Muffaletta. Entrees include Smothered Chicken, Crawfish & 3-Cheese Macaroni, Fried Catfish and much, much more. mudepie

Not only does the food taste spectacular, but select dishes are also presented in fun ways such as salad in a mason jar or Mississippi Mud Pie in a flip-top french jar. “Grandma puts everything in a jar,” Chef Andreas Kisler says. “Everything is more fun than just food on a plate.”

The Capriccio Grill’s new lunch additions are the perfect mix of “southern and elegance”, and create a dining experience that should be had by all.

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To visit the Capriccio Grill Website, make reservations, or to view the full breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink menus, click here.

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