Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Partying on the Rooftop of the Peabody Hotel

Sometimes you remember where you are from. And sometimes you lose control. Recently I’ve understood and have been comforted by the fact that Memphis is my home.

Between visits to Birmingham, Nashville, and a Wrestlemania retreat with The World’s Greatest Brother in New Orleans, I realized that I was very appreciative of Memphis. An area with delicious water, friendly folks, wonderful community, vibrant nightlife, and which also offers a close proximity to other cities? Yes, please.

Speaking of homes, I’ve spent the better part of my adult life in Boston, but I am actually from the North Shore, a little city called Peabody. Nestled next to the better-known Salem, Peabody is the hometown of George Peabody who is also the namesake of Peabody Avenue and the Peabody Hotel. Living next to Peabody Avenue (please visit my house, I make a mean gin and tonic and also I’m just very lonely sometimes hence the gin and tonic) pretty much blows my mind because that’s the same dude whose house I visited all throughout elementary school. I’ve been to your house, George, and it’s really weird!

Anyhow this week I went to the Peabody Hotel’s first rooftop party of the season with my dear friend Ethan. Throughout the spring and summer they will have a lovely get together every Thursday night with a sweet band and plentiful opportunities to meet new folks. Before heading up we meandered our way to Automatic Slim’s which is right across the street from The Peabody. On Thursdays, Automatic Slims serves $3 Stella Artois.

Making our way up to the Peabody, we enjoyed the house band for the night, The Molly Ringwalds. Honestly I’m not one to dance super hard but midway through the set they played “99 Luftballons” and I lost it. Still super sorry to the folks behind me who caught the brunt end of my wooden-heeled shoes but dang does that song ever slap! The Peabody also gives lovely views of the city and sunsets over the Mighty Mississippi. I cannot recommend enough checking out the concert schedule of The Peabody and joining me at future rooftop parties!

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