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Paint Memphis Presents: Soul Food 5

Artist: Jamond Bullock, Photo: Frank Chin

Soul Food 5 will unite over 140 artists from Memphis and all over the country to show off their unique painting styles.

Soul Food 5

Photo: Bill Simmers

Each artist will paint a section of the Wolf River flood wall at North Evergreen and Chelsea. Last year, they completed about half the wall.

During Soul Food 5, Paint Memphis plans to block off the streets for the festival, which will include food trucks, vendors and other community organizations. There will also be a “community wall” for non-traditional artists to paint.

  • When: Saturday, Oct. 1 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Where: North Evergreen and Chelsea

“By creating the largest collaborative mural in Memphis, we are bringing together artists, organizations, businesses, and neighbors to experience the creation of this art as well as the long-lasting impact on this neighborhood,” said Karen Golightly, director of Paint Memphis.

Paint Memphis Mural

Photo: Amanda Hill

Paint Memphis plans to give each artist enough spray and bucket paint to cover their section of the wall. Golightly said this is the only paint festival she knows of that is able to fund the supplies needed for the volunteer painters.

This flood wall is also the first city-sponsored permission wall.

Golightly says they chose this wall because it hadn’t been used in decades and they wanted to bring attention to the area in North Memphis. The area has many run-down buildings, as well as a high unemployment rate, she said, and they wanted the city to be aware of the area’s need for growth.

Brandon Marshall started Soul Food several years ago and now works with Paint Memphis, traveling across the globe as their art consultant, Golightly said. As he’s spread the word for Soul Food, more and more artists become interested in contributing.

Soul Food

Photo: Bill Simmers

“When it first started, we wanted to come up with a name that represented what Memphis was all about, which to me, was making the best out of what you have,” Marshall said. “[Painters] take the surfaces, the materials, the paint they have and make the most of it.”

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