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Overton Park’s Bike Gate

Photo: Overton Park

Photo: Overton Park

As construction ends on the new Overton Park bike path and plaza, a new chapter in Memphis biking and park life begins. Pedestrians and cyclists will now enter through a breathtaking, Memphis-Made archway. Connecting the old with the new, the archway is constructed from myriads of bikes donated by Memphians all over the city.

You can help give back to the bike community, connect with The City of Memphis, and leave a lasting impression on your community.
There are 3 ways to donate:

  • Make a general gift of any amount.
  • Sponsor a park bench for $2,000 (only five available!)
  • Engrave your message onto one of the 54 stone pavers that form the plaza’s foundation for $250

Go here to donate.

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