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Out of the Box Date Night Ideas

Dinner? Been there, done that. Movies? Old news. A romantic walk along the beach? Fake news.

It may seem like you’ve already maxed out your mind on interesting date night opportunities in Memphis, but we’re here to help you dig a little deeper. Whether it’s your first meet and greet, you’re just playing the field, or you’re hella boo’d up, take the road less traveled with one of these unique dates.

Pick up a new plant baby at a local nursery or plant shop

Anyone can keep a puppy alive, but a plant, that’s a different story (I would know. RIP to all the plants I’ve ever neglected) If responsibility and horticulture get your willies all silly, make your way to a local nursery or plant shop to grab a new bud. Not only do fresh air and fresh flora do the body good, but you can also use this as an opportunity to drop hints about your favorite flowers…for no reason at all, of course.

Photo: Terra Cotta Memphis

Test your Axe Throwing abilities

All of the best love stories begin with a little medieval, modern-day romance, right? Axe Throwing will have you showing off your skills while simultaneously showing that you’re not one to be trifled with. Go head to head and make a game out of it or do that rom-com thing where you get close and show the other how to aim perfectly. Is it just us or are things getting a little s-axe-y in here?

Where to go:

Lace it up and hit the skating rink

No matter where you came from, you probably spent some time, somewhere between elementary and middle school, making laps around the skating rink, cruising for cuties or holding hands with your “honey”. Might we suggest going back to those much simpler times and bringing bae along for the ride? Hit up East End, or Cordova Skating Rink and get down like the ATL-Roll Bouncin’ fool that you are.

Photo: @aliglad_carpediem

Make it permanent at a local tattoo shop

I am in no way condoning that you proclaim your love, like, or mild toleration of someone on your skin. For those of you that have, we hope it lasts, because that tattoo sure will. But think about how cool, or shocking, it would be to have a story of a date night tattoo session. Honestly, we stan. Bite the bullet and get that piece you’ve been wanting.

Here are a few of our favorite shops:

Taste your way through Old Dominick Distillery

The bottling of Old Dominick spirits is just like any relationship. From grain to glass, it takes passion and dedication to see it all the way through, and what better way to get a taste of commitment than with a look into the 100-year-old story of Old Dominick Distillery? It’s a 45-minute “sensory-journey” of traditions told and sips shared, so at the very least, you’ll leave full of knowledge and liquid courage.

Smash some sh!t at Craze Memphis

We all have pent-up emotions. Take them to Craze Memphis where there are all sorts of breakables waiting to be on the receiving end of whatever you’re feeling. Sessions start at 10 minutes and go all the way up to one hour, so spend as much time as you need releasing those inner demons to make some room for that heart to grow a couple sizes.

Toss some clay at Belltower Artisans

Coffee shop dates are an easy standard, but why not see if bae is up for getting down and dirty? Roll up your sleeves and hit up Belltower Artisans where you can try your hand at mug making and wheel throwing. Their core values are craft, caffeine, and community, but maybe with your help, they can add chemistry to that list of “c’s”.

Photo: Belltower Artisans

Indulge yourselves with tasty cocktails at a boutique hotel bar

Tourists aren’t the only one who should get to experience the fancy hotels that Memphis has to offer. Each of our boutique hotels features its own unique vibe, and there’s nothing like getting all gussied up to bar hop with your boo.

Photo: Eight & Sand Memphis

Catch a flick during the Time Warp Drive-In Series

Yes, technically I said, “been there, done that” to the whole movie date night thing, but the Time Warp Drive-In Series at the Malco Summer Drive-In is just too good to pass up. There’s action, sci-fi, horror, adventure, and all the 1980’s and 90’s reminiscing that your heart can handle. Talk about the good ole days and mix your M&M’s with their popcorn because that is #romance.

Take your love to new heights at Go Ape Memphis

Is that love in the air, or is it just you making your way through a ropes course that’s 36 ft high? The Go Ape course at Shelby Farms Park is filled with tree-to-tree crossings, ziplines and heart-stopping Tarzan swings. You remember how that movie ended; He found his Jane, and maybe you will too!

Catch feelings and air at Society Memphis

Society Memphis opened on Broad as part-skatepark-part-coffee shop, and it may just be the spot to kick-flip your way into a courtship. Grab a cup of Society coffee or leave your heart on the halfpipe. Either way, hopefully, the good times will roll.

There are even more skateparks to fall in love at! Well, we hope you don’t really take a tumble, but you get what we’re going for.

Midsouth Skate put together this list of local skateparks. Find one near you!


Do the Time Warp Again with Absent Friends

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a romance film of sorts when you think about it. There’s love, lust, adventure, more lust, hatred, scandal, more lust, oh, and lots of sex. On the first Friday of every month, the Absent Friends invite you to experience the film at the theatre, and we mean really experience it. Do your research, come ready to time warp, bring a virgin or two, and put that lingerie to good use (and we’re not just talking to the ladies when we say that).

Photo: Absent Friends

Get up close and personal at the Rumba Room

You want to talk about spicing things up? There is truly nothing more fiery than the salsa dancing that goes down at the Rumba Room. The best thing about it is you don’t have to be master at moving them hips. With professionals offering lessons most nights and the encouragement coming from strangers-soon-to-become-friends, you’ll be walking out of there feeling like a ghost pepper.

Go on your own cookie tasting tour

Photo: Muddy’s Bake Shop

This may just stem from my personal affinity for cookies, but I’m sure you agree with me when I say the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach (both physically and emotionally). Cupcakes and pies get their own level of love, so why not switch things up a bit. You’ve got Sweet Lala’sMakeda’s CookiesFrostMuddy’s Bake ShopWhimsy Cookie CompanyRicki’s Cookie Corner17 BerkshireMilk Dessert BarPrimas Bakery & Boutique, and honestly who knows what else. Start at one and make your rounds.

Peruse a local farmers market

If your partner loves Memphis as much as you do, then they probably do their best to eat and drink local too! Our local farmers markets are filled so many artisanal treats and handmade goods, and there’s nothing more attractive than a person who wants to support small businesses!

Photo: Memphis Farmers Market

We’re all looking for love in different places, so if you have more date night ideas, share them in the comments!

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