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Operation Ashlar: Help Choose901 Renovate Prince Mongo’s Mansion

Prince Mongo

Memphis’ most esteemed Prince has decided to give back to the community. His gift of choice: The Ashlar Hall.

Robert “Prince Mongo” Hodges purchased the castle and opened a popular bar. As he began to transition out of the bar and entertainment scene, he closed all of his enterprises.

It’s been sitting in midtown empty for quite a while now.

There have even been efforts by the city of Memphis and Shelby County to get a new owner.

The castle is located at 1397 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN. It was constructed in 1896. It was built by the Snowden family and is called Ashlar Hall due to it being constructed almost entirely of Ashlar Stone.

Prince Mongo once operated Prince Mongo’s Pizza, Prince Mongo’s Planet, and the castle (Ashlar Hall). In addition to owning these popular joints, Prince Mongo is known for much more.

You can read more about some of the headline grabbing things he’s said and done here in a satirical “alternate history”.

Listen to what him in his own words here.

He says now, with a mission  to save one more being, Prince Mongo is handing down his sacred castle to one lucky organization!

HELP PRINCE MONGO CHOOSE CHOOSE901!  We would turn it into a social hub for young adults and a development center for nonprofits and schools.

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