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Nonprofits, Gear Up for #GivingTuesday!

Nonprofit superheroes, you know that in a year like none other, some things remain the same.

Children still need to learn and be cared for, artists still create beauty that comforts us and expands our perspectives, some folks still need support during hard times, and some of us—perhaps more than ever—still need medical care.

As 2020 comes to an end, the local nonprofit consulting team at City Leadership (the organization that created Choose901) wants wants to equip the service organizations of our city to tell their stories and communicate their needs. #GivingTuesday—and its local tag, #GiveMemphis—is a way to celebrate generosity and engage Memphians in our missions, and City Leadership has tools to help organizations get started.

From 2016 to last year, #GivingTuesday has grown from raising a little over $200,000 to raising well over $1,000,000 in 2019—Memphians really show up for this “holiday,” and we’re not surprised!

From now until December 1st, the #GiveMemphis movement is happening! It’s easy to get involved, and you’ve got time to make a plan. Here’s how to get started:

Local organization MOST raises money each year on #GivingTuesday. Most nonprofits report several first-time donors each year during #GiveMemphis.

READ UP ON IT: Get started here with all the #GivingTuesday resources, from this Complete Guide for Nonprofits to this Social Media Toolkit. The folks at #GivingTuesday are geniuses at putting together everything you need to do just about anything you want with a #GivingTuesday campaign!

BE CREATIVE: Sure, #GivingTuesday raised almost 2 billion dollars in the U.S. last year—but it’s just as much about caring for a neighbor and lending your voice to a cause as it is about dollars. Think about unique ways to engage your followers and tell your story. This video may inspire you!

SET A GOAL: Ready to tap into the power of #GivingTuesday? Kate Lareau, Director of Development at City Leadership, recommends getting specific: “Many of your donors and followers are familiar with #GivingTuesday, and they plan to do something that day to celebrate generosity. Let them know how to get involved—whether you need 10 new volunteers, 20 new donors, or $1,000 to buy a new computer, be specific so that people can help you reach your goal.”

GET THE #GIVEMEMPHIS TOOLS: City Leadership created #GiveMemphis logos and images to help you get started. Download them here. #GiveMemphis reminds people to consider giving to local nonprofits—the same organizations that make everyday life better for people across the Midsouth.

GET A PLAN: You have resources and a goal, now make a communication plan. Create a few images and some language to tell the story of your mission and your goal for #GivingTuesday (Canva is a great resource for those of us who aren’t graphic design pros!). Once you’ve got your story, your goal, and your images, make a calendar and set reminders to roll it all out to your followers, your email subscribers, and your donors. People will want to help when they know what you’re up to!

December 1st, 2020 will be yet another great chapter in the great story of Memphis generosity.

City Leadership invites you to reach out to our Director of Development, Kate Lareau, with questions about #GiveMemphis and #GivingTuesday. 

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