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NexGen Fellow Learns to Challenge Their Thinking

This summer, our sister campaigns Give901 and Choose901 Alumni have teamed up to give college students the NexGen summer fellowship experience! Through the NexGen program, five Choose901 Alumni (aka Give901 program grads) are connecting with local businesses for summer internships—complete with weekly professional development and networking opportunities.

The goal of NexGen is create opportunity for already-talented students by paving a way for networking at companies like Supreme Staffing, Youth Villages, & City Leadership. Speaking of networking… we have a few young Memphians we’d like you to meet. 

Meet alexis:

student, NexGen participant, & Future city-changer

Hey everyone! My name is Alexis Turner. I attend Southern University and A&M College as a Business Management major. 

My future career goals involve working with a non-profit  that is actively working to improve the lives of our youth in Memphis. 

This summer, I am interning at Youth Villages on their development team as a Choose901: Alumni Intern.

A young black nexgen fellow smiling with dreadlocks.

What Choose901 partner school did you go to?

I went to St. George’s Independent School from 1st grade to 12th grade.

What is your favorite Memphis Meal?

I enjoy honey gold wings (all flats) with ranch and a side of seasoned fries from D’Bo’s Hot Wings.

What are you doing in your fellowship?

I am working as an intern for the development team at Youth Villages. I get to gain experience from multiple different aspects within this department. I am currently working alongside Youth Villages’ Development Coordinator, Chloe Alexander. She’s in the midst of planning one of her larger events, the 40th Annual YV5K. I am fortunate enough to assist her in planning the 5k, attend her committee meetings, and anything else related to that upcoming event. One of the things I am most proud to say I worked on is a grant for the YV Runner’s Club. How awesome is it that a company put trust into their intern to complete this task? With the guidance of the grants team, I feel confident in adding this new skill to my resume.

What do you like about your fellowship?

One thing I love about my fellowship is the supportive freedom I have here. Though I am here working with the Development team, I still have the ability to meet with others outside this department if I have any questions or I am curious about what they do as well. This fellowship is more than about working for one company this summer. It’s about figuring out where you want to be in life and meeting people along the way that are here to help us on that journey.

What advice do you have for the next group of nexgen fellows?

Make the most of this opportunity. Meet and introduce yourself to everyone you can. Networking and building connections is one of the most important things you can do at this stage of life. During your fellowship, do things that challenge your thinking, not only things that you’re already comfortable doing. That is how we truly learn.


Youth Villages is just one of the many Memphis businesses that is investing in the future of our city through NexGen students—aka the future of Memphis’ workforce, leadership, and potential. 

Want to learn more or get involved?

Whether you’re a studnet looking ahead for next summer’s internship, a business interested in partnering with NexGen, or just a regular old Memphian passionate about possibilities—we’re excited you’re excited!

Contact for more information. 

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