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New Tech Startup Empowers Youth

A new tech startup joins the collaboration of computer tech companies and nonprofits providing opportunities and jobs to minority youth in Memphis!

Poeen, the app development software company, has deep roots and leadership roles in different nonprofits across the city that advocate for minority education in computer science. In today’s culture, a degree in computer science will be the next business degree. Through their business and nonprofit work, members of Poeen are making sure that minority youth have ample opportunity in the growing computer tech sector!

The company began as a school project that quickly gained momentum. These newly-realized entrepreneurs set to work growing their team after realizing that they had a wealth of talent at their school, the University of Memphis. Kareem Dasilva, the CEO of Poeen, began training other computer tech students in app development programming and analytics, and soon had a healthy pipeline of minority tech experts to fuel his business’ growth!

As the president of Memphis’ chapter of the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA),Kareem is pushing the growth of both his organization and his business as a way to increase his impact in the city.

“There are so many opportunities in computer tech,” Kareem said. “BPDA is the reason I learned about programming, and it’s just my way of giving back to the city.”

The Poeen team has a reach in a variety of computer tech non-profits, aiming to build a bridge of opportunity from minority communities to the high wage, highly available tech job market.

Coming up on Saturdays is a series of high school coding sessions, where high schoolers will work along side BDPA members to learn code and compete against their classmates. Additionally, BPDA is hosting the Google-funded Tiger Tech expedition, a summer camp experience for middle schoolers from underserved areas of Memphis. 

Poeen has invested deeply in not only the minority tech pipeline, but also in the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Incubated through the Crews Center of Entrepreneurship at the University of Memphis, the team has worked with a variety of start ups to provide app development and IT support to many emerging companies! They hope to expand their impact by providing web development through their Let’s Build U project company.

Learn how to get plugged in with the Memphis chapter of BDPA here.

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