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New Local Meal Delivery Service Offers Unique Customer Experience

Place an order at night and receive a bag full of local, fresh ingredients to make your own meal the next day. That’s the concept behind, Fix, a new local meal delivery service whose goal is to ‘fix’ the problems consumers may experience with similar services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and others like them; but unlike many of their competitors, Fix’s game-changing model requires no subscription, offers next-day delivery and has no packaging waste.

Photo: Fix

If that’s not impressive enough, the meal delivery service also collaborates with local chefs like Jimmy Gentry of P.O. Press Public House & Provisions to create an eclectic list of recipes. And the company sources all of its meals locally.

“We created something we wanted. A company with fresh ingredients and that’s locally sourced. Nobody likes getting their food from a warehouse in New Jersey or somewhere. We want our food to be local and fresh.”

– Wayne Culbreth, Fix (Founder)

Wayne Culbreth founded the company while working on his master’s thesis for the New York University Stern School of Business. He teamed up with Food Network veteran, Susie Fogelson to get the company off the ground. Fix officially launched in June. The two wanted a company that filled in the gaps where the well-known services fell short. And they did.

“We have local ingredients that are globally inspired,” Fogelson said. The company boasts dozens of meals for a variety of palates. Some of the recipes include Bengali Chicken, Chicken Chorizo Tacos with Pintos, Corn and Pico Salad, and a creamy, vegan Mac-N-Cheese.

Photo: Fix

Always thinking a step ahead and with consumer convenience in mind, Fix also focuses on seasonality. What options would their customers want to see based on holidays and special events? As a result, they offer game-day delivery services and  plan to unveil a special holiday menu that will include an extensive mix of sides.

“We are always thinking, “how can we help our customers the most?” Fogelson said. “Our name is who we are. We really try to fix things and help our customers have a better experience as it relates for food.”

Fix meals can be ordered as late as 10 PM the night before customers would like them to be delivered. Deliveries can be scheduled between 2 PM- 8 PM. As for the fare, recipes are priced per serving, starting at around $7.  Fix plans to continue expanding its menu as the company grows.

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