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New and Immersive Cycling Studio Opens this August

Get ready for a new indoor cycling experience when Spincult Cycling Studio opens its doors to the public this August.

Featuring a unique and intimate setting and state-of-the-art VR technology, Spincult aims to fully immerse Memphians while also encouraging and growing a tightly knit community in the Downtown/Medical District area. All of this is possible because of cycling enthusiast, Duke alum, and Memphis native, Victoria Young. While attending grad school in the Los Angeles area, she took note of the fact that there were a plethora of high quality and convenient fitness boutiques, which reignited her passion for the activity. Upon returning to Memphis, she realized Memphis did not have as many options. After talking to transplants and peers, she has teamed up with the Medical District Collaborative to bring Spincult to fruition at 700 Madison Avenue.

“I envision that Spincult will be a community of riders that want to improve their health with a holistic view and connect with others who are on the same mission. We are going to incorporate that grit and grind of Memphis…” – Victoria Young

Riders will be immersed via a three-wall screen, which takes them down the streets of different cities, including Memphis. Working hand-in-hand with Duke’s virtual reality department and foreign exchange students, Victoria aims to produce similar videos for cities such as Israel and Tokyo.

Spincult officially opens August 30th, but will begin offering founding memberships at the end of May coupled with preview classes.

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