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My Weekend at BSMF18

I couldn’t have asked for better timing for a music festival to pop up on my radar. With the school year winding down but with the home stretch still left, spending a weekend at the Beale Street Music Festival was a sweet relief.

Seeing Tom Lee Park get transformed in BSMF was so cool. I kept forgetting I was walking on the road next to the Mississippi River! Despite those moments of rain on Friday and Saturday, the general weather that weekend was awesome. With some nasty mud patches here and there, it wasn’t something a pair of rain boots couldn’t fix. I eventually ditched the boots and went with some sandals at one point and fared pretty well. The only person who stepped on my toes that weekend was…my boyfriend.  

The range of music we were able to enjoy that weekend speaks to how BSMF has something for everyone! We saw Third Eye Blind, Cake, Tyler the Creator, Franz Ferdinand, David Byrne, Jack White, DRAM, and Post Malone! Some acts were people we knew we wanted to see, others were moments of “Wow this sounds cool, let’s move closer!”

The length of the festival distance-wise and the placement of stages and food made for a small sized festival but still had the feel of larger festivals out there. My favorite thing about BSMF, hands down, was the river. I loved that moment during the evening shows when the sun would set and create this beautiful glow as artists performed. The location for BSMF is awesome, night and day, and I loved experiencing all that music alongside the Mississippi River. It was a great time dancing through the weekend and I can’t wait for next year!

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