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My Mid-Week Rejuvenation at Relax H20 Aqua Massage & Oxygen Bar

My visit to Relax H20 gave me a much-needed, mid-week rejuvenation in less than an hour.

Imagine turning your typical lunch break into an hour of supreme relaxation. That’s exactly what happened when I decided to forgo munching on left-overs from the night before, and instead visit Relax H20 Aqua Massage and Oxygen Bar. I entered the spa feeling overwhelmed and left less than an hour later rejuvenated and refreshed.

Relax H2O isn’t your average spa. I didn’t have to trade in my clothes for a big fluffy robe, and my massage therapist was replaced with an oversized aqua bed. In case you’re not familiar with dry aqua massages, they use jets of water over a protective barrier to give the actual massages. At Relax H20, these sessions can range from 15-55 minutes depending on the package chosen.

Pressed for time, I opted for the 20 minute package that came along with a 10 minute oxygen session (I’ll explain shortly). Relax H20’s modest store front location on Madison Avenue isn’t too hard to find. They offer free parking, which is a plus for those in a rush, and the prices are affordable, ranging from $38 to $62 for individual spa packages.

Once I arrived, I was greeted by one of the co-owners, who offered me complimentary water or sparkling grape juice. He then showed me to the back room where three large aqua beds were located under dimmed lighting. I took off my shoes (the only requirement), and in seconds the aqua machine started.

For a few minutes I forgot about my intense workload waiting for me back at the office as the jets circulated my body. While I would have liked to control which body parts received the most focus, the full body massage was relaxing nonetheless and certainly worth the 20 minutes.

After the massage, I was seated at a table with an assortment of oxygen jars. I was allowed to choose up to three essential oils to use during my aromatherapy session. Because I was suffering from sinus congestion, the owner recommended eucalyptus, orange, and peppermint. I was given a few minutes on each, all of which were amazing!

While I loved the massage beds, the oxygen bar was undeniably my favorite part of the visit. After the session I was able to breathe a bit better and felt more calm and relaxed. In addition, I absolutely loved the quick and friendly service. I made it back to work in enough time to actually grab my left-overs and eat at my desk.

The Relax H20 experience isn’t limited to those looking for a lunch break quickie. They offer longer sessions for people who have a bit more time to spare, packages for couples and even a monthly membership.  In addition to the aqua massage beds, they have an infrared sauna and two massage chairs. If you’re looking to take something home, soaps, essential oils, candles, and sugar scrubs are all available for purchase.

As I try to incorporate more self-care into my weekly routine, I’ll definitely be making Relax H20 a part of my regimen.

You can visit Relax H20 on their website or Facebook page for updates and special events.

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