Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

My Memphis Staycation

A friend of mine once told me “If you are always leaving town when you have the chance, Memphis will only be a place that you work.”

This has stuck with me over the year and as much as I love to travel, I have tried to make staying in Memphis a priority. This makes a lot of sense to me, and I really want to take advantage of opportunities that make Memphis feel more like home.

As my husband and I navigate saving money for our future home, we have decided to not travel as much this summer and learn to find adventures in our own city. This has not been a hard task. We have created a “summer bucket list” of places and activities we want to experience during our time here this summer. Our list is up to 15 different things and we have made good progress. I thought I would take some time to share that list with you, so, here is our new-to-Memphis summer bucket list:

  1. Watch the sunset on the riverfront
  2. Go dancing at Raiford’s Disco
  3. Have dinner at the The Lookout at the Bass Pro Pyramid
  4. Go to as many Levitt Shell concerts as possible
  5. Visit the Pink Palace Museum
  6. Explore waterfalls around Tennessee
  7. Go hiking at Shelby Forest
  8. Go to a Peabody Rooftop party
  9. Visit the Stax Museum
  10. Hang out with friends at the Railgarten
  11. Visit Memphis murals
  12. See a movie at the Summer Drive-In
  13. Go on a Jimmy Ogle tour
  14. Visit the Five in One Social Club
  15. Take a pottery class at Seize the Clay

I would say with this list, we have a busy and fun summer ahead of us. I had a relaxing weekend checking off a few items on this list. I enjoyed dinner at one of my very favorite spots in Memphis, The Arcade, with some good friends and loved hearing the Stax students at the Levitt Shell. I think my friend was right and I love that Memphis is a place that I want stay and play over the weekends.

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