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 My First Workout at ILoveKickboxing + 5 Other Non-Traditional Workout Spots in The City

On a mission to find non-traditional workouts to spice up my exercise life, I tried #iLoveKickboxing for the first time. I  plan to check out a few other local workouts, including hula hooping and cycling.

Intense cardio warm-ups combined with lots of kicking and punching, basically sums up my workout at iLoveKickboxing. I didn’t realize how many muscles I wasn’t using in my usual gym workouts, until I threw a few punches and kicks at the bag; but that’s what I was looking for, an unconventional workout that didn’t consist of me being held hostage at a gym using the same machines. Because of this, iLoveKickboxing’s workout didn’t disappoint.

Not sure if the class would be a good fit for me, I opted out of signing up for a full membership and chose the $19.99 3-class trial. With those sessions, I got my own trainer during the first class and a free pair of boxing gloves…because who just has those lying around?

While the monthly membership was a little pricier than I’d expected ($199 sign up fee + $149 monthly with a 12-month commitment), it was still a great workout. I definitely recommend joining if you are looking for a great workout to incorporate into your fitness routine, and are sure that you will attend the classes frequently.

If you’re looking for a remix to your gym workout, there are other places, in addition to iLoveKickboxing, that can give you some variety. Here’s a list of places I plan to check out soon. 

  • CycleBar Germantown: Located in Germantown, this franchise indoor cycling facility, offers a concert-like environment while you sweat and spin with dozens of other folks. No need to buy shoes, they offer free cycling shoes once you sign up.
    • Prices range from $59 for 5 classes to $340 for 20 classes or $109 a month with a 3-month obligation. Learn more about their packages here. 
  • Memphis Fitness Kickboxing: With claims to burn up to 1,000 calories per workout, Memphis Fitness Kickboxing offers 50-60 minute interval training sessions including cardiovascular & resistance training. There are four locations throughout the city, including gyms in Collierville and Mid-town.
    • You can sign up for a free class and learn more about their packages here.
  • Co-Motion Studio: This “women-owned, 901-grown” organization is located in Crosstown and gives you a solid workout through hula hooping and dance.
    • New students can get the first week for $15. Find out more about their pricing here.
  • TheBox Memphis: Combining Crossfit, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga (military-style self-defense fighting), this gym offers a variety of classes for novice and experienced exercisers.
    • You can sign up for a free 7-day trial membership and learn more about their workouts and prices here.
  • Pure Barre Memphis: There’s no bouncing or jumping in this high-intensity, low-impact workout. Pure Barre uses the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements meant to target areas that women struggle with the most: thighs, abs, hips, and arms. Known as ‘intelligent exercise’ Pure Barre claims to be a safe and effective way to transform bodies.
    • You can try out the class free for a week by signing up here.

Where do you go for a non-traditional workout?

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