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Mr. Lincoln’s Costume Shoppe

Nestled on Florence Street, in between Madison and Union Avenue is one Memphis’ greatest hidden treasures. With Halloween right around the corner, it would be cruel of us not to tell you about Mr. Lincoln’s Costume Shoppe.

Barry and Katie Lincoln opened this costume shop in 1991, never expecting it to grow into what it has. Not your typical costume shop, Mr. Lincoln’s is just like going to your favorite mom and pop store. Located directly across from the new Overton Square parking garage, you can’t miss the bright yellow building. When I walked up, there was a cat lounging in the flower beds. But, the biggest surprise was Mr. Lincoln’s doesn’t use their flower beds for flowers, but actually home grown produce. This is all before you get to Dracula’s burial grounds, of course. I knew I liked Mr. Lincoln’s before I walked in the door. But enough of the exterior details, lets get to the goods.

Dress up being one of my favorite pastimes, I entered into a costume and disguise euphoria when I crossed the threshold. Every inch of the 4 room shop is covered in wigs, shoes, masks, costumes, accessories, make up, hosiery- you name it for a costume Mr. Lincoln’s has it.


My attention was immediately drawn to the life size lion statue in the front room. After further inspection and much to my surprise I realized the statue, was really a costume, complete with thick hair like fur, hard pointy claws, and fierce teeth. And that’s about how all of the costumes at Mr. Lincoln’s are. Crafted to the very simplest detail to replicate the real life deal. With over 4,000 costumes, there’s no chance you won’t find what you are looking for.

Lincolns Hats

Top hats, cowboy hats, show girl head dresses, and any other type of dressing for the head can be found in Mr. Lincoln’s. Or any type of accessory for that matter.

Stop by Mr. Lincoln’s Costume Shoppe for all of your costume needs, not just Halloween. The shop is open year round 10am-5pm, however during October its hours are Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm, Sunday 1pm-6pm. Sunday October 30 open 1pm-9pm.

Mr. Lincolns Costume Shoppe
29 Florence Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

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