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Mo’s Bows Scavenger Hunt

Mo’s Bows will add a twist to #BowTieTuesday starting this week by hosting a scavenger hunt for one of Mo’s bow ties every Tuesday!

Mo will hide a bow tie at a local landmark and leave a clue on social media so that you can find it and keep it! All Mo asks is: if you find the bow tie, post a picture of yourself on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WheresMosBow and tag his account @MosBowsMemphis. If you don’t have social media he simply asks you to pay it forward.

Mo’s Bows started in 2011 in Memphis, and since then has exploded. Moziah Bridges, the founder of Mo’s Bows, has taken his bow ties to Shark Tank and he even dressed NBA players during the Draft with his bowties. He has expanded his Memphis-based fashion company becoming one of the great success stories at the age of 13.

If you want to explore this young entrepreneurs collection of bow ties, pocket squares, t-shirts, or if you want to learn how to tie a bow tie you can go to Mo’s Bows website here.

Find Mo’s Bows on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with new styles and events.

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