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Photo: Mind Body HAUS

Mind Body HAUS Celebrates First Anniversary, Hosts Classes with International Choreographer

Local yoga and fitness studio Mind Body HAUS is celebrating its first anniversary and offering classes from renowned choreographer Ryan Daniel Beck this weekend.

Photo: Mind, Body, HAUS

Mind Body HAUS opened its doors last April and since then, the thriving yoga and fitness studio has become a staple in Cooper-Young offering a range of fitness and wellness classes including Vinyasa Yoga, cardio dance, and HIIT/Bootcamps. To commemorate being in business for one year, co-owners Rachel Russ and Jocelyn Brunotte are hosting bodyART® classes featuring master teacher and renowned international choreographer Ryan Daniel Beck. bodyArt is a functional training class inspired by yoga, martial arts, classical conditional, and physical therapy. Both Russ and Brunotte trained under Beck in New York in 2018, and are the only certified bodyART instructors in the Bluff City.

“We fell in love with the class because it is all-encompassing. It has elements of yoga, classical conditioning, cardio work, and martial arts. It was designed to create a functional body for everybody,” Russ said.

After training under Beck, Russ and Brunotte headed back to Memphis and soon founded Mind Body HAUS, opening their doors April 23, 2018.

“What felt like a far off dream of owning our own yoga and fitness studio quickly became a reality in March of 2018, when a space in Cooper Young became available. Since opening our doors last year, it’s been a year of learning and growing; but we couldn’t be more grateful for each other and the community we’ve formed.” — Rachel Russ, Co-Owner, Mind Body HAUS

Ryan, who serves as director of bodyART Training Studios in New York, has also done commercial dance work for ESPN, MTV, ABC, and Givenchy. He also worked with Beyonce on the C&A Campaign, and the Black Eyed Peas.

Mind Body HAUS staff will also celebrate with an anniversary party on Saturday at 6 PM. Beck will host four bodyArt classes, starting Thursday:

  • Thursday, April 25: 5:45 PM-7 PM
  • Friday, April 26: 5:30 PM-6:45 PM
  • Saturday, April 27: 10 AM-11:30 AM
  • Sunday, April 28th: 2 PM-3:15 PM

Classes are $35 each or $100 for all four.

For more details visit the Mind Body HAUS website.

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