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Mentors Make a Difference

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Mentors Make a Difference

In Memphis, there are a lot of great opportunities to make meaningful impact. One place to start is by stepping up for the most vulnerable among us — our young people. Mentors play an essential role by setting an example, being there to listen, offering direction, encouragement, and exposure to alternative paths to success. Young people who have a mentor are less likely than their peers to skip a day of school, are more likely to be enrolled in college, more likely to volunteer in their communities, and frequently become mentors themselves, paying forward the good that’s crucial to improving outcomes for all Memphians.

The Grizzlies Foundation delivers critical resources to encourage and enable youth mentorship in Memphis, providing funding and technical support for thousands of Mentors and Mentees around the city. And, because January is National Mentoring Month, Choose901 is partnering with the Grizzlies Foundation to highlight the real life benefits of mentoring and honor the contributions of local mentors. If you are a mentor, join the movement by sharing your story. Post a video or photo on social media about how mentoring enriches your life using #MentorIRL and #whywementor.

Not Yet a Mentor?

If you’re not currently a mentor, with a new year upon us, now is an excellent time to take action. Resolve to make a difference in the life of a young person. You don’t have to come to the table with all of the answers. There’s power in what you and your mentee can discover together. Learn more about local mentoring opportunities at

Already a Mentor?

Help us spread the word about mentoring! You can encourage your friends to mentor by making your own video. It’s quick and easy:

  1. Take a selfie video of you and your mentee.
  2. Post on social media using #whywementor and #mentorIRL.
  3. Keep doing the amazing, life changing work that you’re doing! Thank you for being spectacular.