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Apply Now: Turn Your Idea Into A Business With MEMShop

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Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.10.48 PMIs retail vital to revitalizing neighborhoods? MEMShop certainly thinks so, and as a result they are committed to helping build local businesses and increasing the visibility and vibrancy of Memphis communities.

They create partnerships between vacant or underused storefronts in the city and local businesses that want to occupy them, and they are inviting you to join the .

MEMShop is currently accepting applications for 3 new MEMShops on Film Row. The deadline is April 30.

Click HERE to apply

MEMShop is open to startup or existing businesses desiring a physical location. Business owners should have some of their own funds for operating costs. Memphis residents will be given special consideration.

They prefer to launch MEMShops in groups of 3, and they will be part of a 6 month process that will receive a 6 month lease, rental assistance, managerial training, marketing services and access to other resources that help small businesses thrive.

What started as a plan to meet the need of technical assistance for businesses in our city has led to 15 small businesses being opened in Memphis in the 3 years. See the list of all the MEMShops here.

For questions about MEMShop, eligibility and the application process visit the FAQ webpage.

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