Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Memphis Tops Lists for Job Opportunities and Starting a Business

Memphians are getting a boost from more news about how our city is among the best places in the country in terms of opportunity. Job search website Glassdoor just ranked Memphis the #18 best city to find a job. The criteria were median pay for employees, median home value, job satisfaction rating, number of current job openings and population.

Thinking about moving to a new city of a job? Memphis is ranked 18th among the 25 Best Cities for Jobs.

Posted by Mayor A C Wharton on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Read the whole blog here. The Nashville Business Journal breaks down the numbers and including where the bluff city has a decisive edge over the music city. Don’t forget you can always find open positions in our job of the week page.

Memphis also made #7 on the list of best places to start a business according to Wallet Hub. The website focused on 13 metrics to find out where potential business owners had the best chance of survival in the 150 most populated U.S. cities. Among those metrics were 5-year survival rate and the affordability of office space to the educational attainment of the local labor force.

“Somewhere between 15 million and 53 million Americans are now working for themselves. There is always room in the market for new ideas, products, services and multi-million-dollar success stories — if one knows where to look.”

You can read the entire report here, including details on the methodology and 13 metrics for the report. We already know in Memphis innovation is in our blood, just look at what’s happening in education right now.

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