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Memphis Tilth has created a valuable resource called the Food Landscape Map to help in a citywide goal of addressing food deserts in the city.

Food Landscape Map created by Memphis Tilth

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Memphis Tilth

Photo: Memphis Tilth

The Food Landscape Map is an interactive map where anyone can locate the nearest community garden, farmers market, CSA, seed swap, or school garden. The coolest thing is that anyone can update the map in real time to add their own urban gardens and resources. Memphis Tilth hopes to get all Memphians involved in not just this interactive map but food resources around the area.

“Our community food system is active, dynamic, and ever changing and so is this map. As such, we need your help to add all of the information about the gardens, farms, markets, and more that you know about and interact with.” – Memphis Tilth

To make sure that you add your point of interest to the right group, the features listed are defined as:

  • Gardens – This label refers to any piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables. Generally, though, these neighborhood gardens do not sell what they grow.
  • School/Institutional Gardens – School gardens are cultivated areas around or near to schools, tended at least partly by learners Institutional Gardens are defined as gardens attached to either public or private organizations such as churches, businesses, non-profit organizations, etc. Because these gardens are run by private organizations they are generally not open to the public, except in limited cases.
  • Market Garden/Urban Farm – A garden or farm growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and/or flowers specifically to sell to the public, generally at one of the markets listed on this map.
  • Commercial Farm – A large-scale production of crops for sale, intended for widespread distribution to wholesalers or retail outlets
  • Government Service – A service provided by the government
  • Technical Assistance – Institutions that provide assistance with agricultural information, principles, and practices to local growers.
  • Markets – Public location for the purpose of selling agricultural products
  • Services – The supplying or supplier of utilities or commodities, goods or services such as seeds, soil, fertilizer, or other agricultural products, required by the public.
  • Funders/Financial Resources – Provides money or financial support for agricultural or food systems projects
  • Land Bank Vacant Properties – Shelby County owned property that is available for purchase or donation
  • Please note that if you are adding a location that does not have a post office recognized numbered address that you will need to find the closest address to the location and under “description” explain where the location is relative to the address listed. For example ” directly across the street from the address posted” or ” at the corner of ___________ and _______________”.
  • If you have any questions or experience any issues with the mapping tool you can email or call 901-552-4298.

Looking to volunteer? Go here to find opportunities with Memphis Tilth, consider contacting organizations listed on the map, volunteer with school gardens, or the numerous farmers markets that Memphis and the surrounding area offer daily.

Join the next seed swap at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library on Saturday, June 24 from 10am-noon where you can discuss seed saving, browse seed catalogues, and answer any questions about seed starting.

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