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Memphis Teacher Uses Pinball to Teach Physics


When a lifetime love of pinball led to quickly growing collection of pinball machines, Memphis teacher, Eric Stenberg, knew he couldn’t keep it to himself. So he started a side hustle called Bluff City Pinball to help Memphians reconnect to the games of their youth. Eric is a graduate of the Memphis Teacher Residency who is also using the machines to make learning about laws of motion fun for his 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students at New Hope Christian Academy. Watch the video to learn how Eric accidentally started his collection.

You can currently find five Bluff City Pinball machines at Memphis Made Brewery (768 S Cooper St). They’re set to 50 cents per play, which probably hasn’t changed since you were a kid. Or you could stop by on Sundays from 4pm–7pm when you can play all you want for $7.

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