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How Memphis Rox Climbing Gym is Transforming the South Memphis Community

Photo: Shelby Smith

Memphis Rox Climbing is encouraging community involvement by offering free admission to their new rock climbing facility for individuals willing to volunteer.

One Family Memphis, an organization that strives to bring rehabilitation to challenged communities by providing facilities and programs, has established a new rock climbing space in the Soulsville neighborhood. However, what is truly unique about this facility is not its newness, but how they are operated for the better of the community.

memphis rox climbing gym

Photo: Shelby Smith

In an effort to encourage community involvement, Memphis Rox Climbing is offering free admission to individuals of the Memphis area interested in giving back. According to One Family Memphis, giving back can mean a variety of things, from participating in a mentor program to meeting a monthly quota of volunteer hours with any organization. Learn more about their membership mission here.

One Family Memphis wants to provide South Memphians with a safe space to play and learn. Additionally, the facility will offer flex space for yoga classes, guided meditation, fitness equipment and a juice bar that provides hot meals and job training.

The climbing facility is located at 879 E Mclemore Avenue. Hours are Monday through Friday from 6am to 10pm, Saturday from 10am to 10pm and Sunday from 12pm to 8pm. Monthly memberships are also available.

Economic barriers leave kids playing in the streets, and those streets aren’t always safe.

–Memphis Rox

The facility’s spring 2018 opening comes to Memphis just in time for rock climbing’s 2020 Olympic debut. However, this facility will not be One Family Memphis’ only installation.

The organization has plans to expand on the community’s creative side. Specifically, One Family intends to introduce Mountaintop Media, a film studio and school, that will serve as an incubator for both experienced filmmakers and those honing their passion.

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