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Memphis Pop Art Festival + Designer Toy Summit 3/18

Photo: Discordia Culture Shop

Memphis Pop-Art Festival is calling all artists, designers, media and toy artisans.

Photo: Memphis Pop Art Festival

The inaugural Pop Art Festival will also be host to the first ever Designer Toy Summit of 2017 which marks the ten year anniversary for Discordia Culture Shop. In celebration of ten years of success, the owners of Discordia plan to bring the designer toy movement together through a process of cultural exchanging and networking among artisans.

toy summit and pop art festival

Join Memphis Pop Art and Designer Toy Summit at their advance event at the Rec Room on 2/25 here for a sneak peek at what to expect on March 18th. There is no cover or admission fee for this preview event, but it is 21+ only.

Click here to sign up as an exhibitor on March 18th.

Join the event page on Facebook for updates.

Check out the Memphis Pop Art Festival website for more info.

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