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15 Memphis Murals You Might Not Know About

Photo: Amanda Hill

You’ve seen the “I love Memphis” murals around town, but have you seen these? I’ve always been fascinated by murals, graffitied art, and what compels an artist to decide on their design then put it on display. We’ve documented some of the public artwork around town and want to share it with you.

1. South Main, Downtown

  • Designer:  Marcellous Lovelace
  • Install Team: BLK75
  • “I Am A Man.”

Photo: Lauren Berry


2. South Main, Downtown (by Civil Rights Museum)

  • Artist: Unknown

Photo: Lauren Berry


3.  Uptown, 5th Avenue and Bethel

  • Artist: Jon Hart

Photo: Lauren Berry


4.  Midtown, Madison Ave.

  • Artists: Anna Louise and Lisa Lamoreaux


Photo: Amanda Hill

Photo: Amanda Hill

5.   “Midtown is Our Memphis” off of Rembert and Poplar

  • Artists: Memphis College of Art students

Photo: :Lauren Berry


6.  Binghampton, at Wiseacre Brewing Company

  • Artist: Michael Roy (Birdcap)
  • This canvas will change up during the year so go catch it while you can!
prince mongo mural at wiseacre by birdcap

Mural by Birdcap at Wiseacre, Photo: Amanda Hill

7.  Cooper Young @ McLean

  • Designer: Carl E. Moore

Photo: Lauren Berry


8.  Soulsville, Lamar Ave

  • Artists: Kyle Taylor, Brandon Marshall
Memphis mural

Photo: Amanda Hill

9.  Broad Avenue Arts District, “This is Me, This is You, This is We”

  • Design Artist: Guillame Alby

Photo: Lauren Berry


10.  Edge District, Madison and Monroe

  • Artists: Gina Sposto and Austin Swope
Photo: Amanda Hill

Photo: Amanda Hill


 11. Highland Strip, Walker and Highland

  • Artist: Brandon Marshall
Make it Rain, Courtney Lee Mural Memphis

Photo: Amanda Hill


12. Binghampton Community Life Center (317 Tillman)

  • Artist: Brandon Marshall and Friends



Photo: Sean Davis

13. Highland Strip, @ Southern

  • Artist: Kyle Taylor
Marc Gasol Mural by Kyle Taylor

Photo: Amanda Hill

14. Eclectic Eye

  • Artist: Michael Roy
Eclectic Eye Mural by Birdcap

Photo: Amanda Hill

15. Paint Memphis Wall @ Chelsea & Evergreen

  • Artists: Over 50 amazing artists (Longest collaborative mural in town)
Paint Memphis Mural

Artist: Jamond Bullock, Photo: Frank Chin


You can also check out this handy map by the Memphis Art Project for more public art. 

Want to get involved in Memphis public art? Check out the Urban Art Commission

There’s plenty of hidden gems out there around the city that are just waiting to be discovered. We’d love to see the art you find around town, so tag your photos with #choose901 on Instagram and Twitter!

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