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Memphis Music: BealeCanto Chooses 901

Local professional men’s choir ensemble, BealeCanto, has given their lives and voices to investing in Memphis. The group of men all live in the Mid-South area having a passion for singing in Memphis. Their passion pours from their name, BealeCanto, from the Italian Bel Canto meaning “Beautiful Singing”. BealeCanto takes on this for “Beautiful Singing in Memphis”.

Several members of the group are 20-somethings who have all moved to the 901 in order to invest in the city’s music and education scene. In addition, BealeCanto also places a great emphasis on singing choral music written by American composers. It is BealeCanto’s hope their performances will highlight the South’s musical heritage.

The mission of BealeCanto is to be a premiere men’s chamber vocal ensemble, dedicated to excellence and the art of male singing through performances, educational opportunities, and related activities. BealeCanto strives to perform a diversity of repertoire and styles with excellence and artistry. BealeCanto is dedicated to fostering men’s singing throughout the region known as the “mid-south”, expanding that mission nationally and internationally, promoting male singing in schools and society.

The men of BealeCanto have chosen to invest in Memphis through music and music education. BealeCanto desires to help continue this mission through recruiting “young men to come to Memphis because there is a premier men’s choral group that seeks that to invest in the community through the production of exceptional music,” says bass singer James Cornfoot.

On June 8th BealeCanto will be hosting a commemorative concert in memoriam of the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Details coming soon. However, you don’t have to wait until June 8th to hear BealeCanto! Be sure to check out their next concert “It’s Raining Men”. Hear and see why they invest in Memphis.


  • When: March 23rd, 2014. 7:30pm
  • Where: St. Anne’s Church (706 S. Highland St. Memphis, TN. 38111)

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