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Memphis Meets Its Match

In pursuit of taking Memphis’ bottom scoring 5% of schools and moving them up to the highest scoring 25%, Tennessee gave the go ahead to the Achievement School District in Memphis to take over operations of several more schools. In addition to Achievement Schools, the district includes other charter schools leading education reform in Memphis. Part of the districts job, is to identify the lowest performing schools and match them with a charter operator that not only is a good educational fit, but culture fit.

Last year, we had our first 5 schools in Memphis, and next year, we will grow to serve 22,” said Chris Barbic, superintedendent of ASD.  “This translates into thousands more students in Memphis who were zoned to attend a Priority School now with an opportunity to attend a school that will better prepare them for success in college, careers, and life.

The 2014-2015 list includes 2 new high schools, 3 elementary schools, and a start-up middle school.

Here’s what schools were added to the list this year:

  • Carver High School
  • Coleman Elementary
  • Springhill Elementary
  • Fairley High School
  • Westwood Elementary School
  • Frayser High School
  • Wooddale Middle School

Here’s what the ASD decided:




Coleman Elementary

Aspire Public Schools


Spring Hill Elementary

Promise Academy


Westwood Elementary

Freedom Prep Academy


Frayser High School

Frayser Community Schools


Fairley High School

Green Dot Public Schools


KIPP (new start)

KIPP Memphis


After taking the community’s input into consideration, the ASD decided not to match Carver. The school will still serve its Memphis community!

To help the ASD make these matches, the Achievement Advisory Council was formed.  The AAC was a group of 25 volunteers, and this was their second year to lead the community engagement process. The AAC spent three months monitoring schools, observing charters, and receiving input from students, parents, teachers, and other community members.

“The feedback we received from parents, teachers, and community members was incredibly helpful in making these matches, and we are excited to officially welcome these new schools into the ASD,” said Chris Barbic, ASD superintendent.  “Over the last few months it’s been great to see our new charters— a mix of both local and national organizations, all led by amazing educators—deepen existing relationships and build new ones in communities across Memphis.  Now that school matching decisions have been made, these educators are ready to continue the important work necessary to prepare for a terrific 2014-15 school year.” – Chris Barbic

The AAC hadn’t released suggestions for Frayser, Fairley, or Wooddale. After taking the AAC’s recommendations into consideration, the ASD collaborated and made its decision.

Visit the ASD and stay up to date with its progress in Memphis.

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