Registration is now open for the annual Memphis Teacher Literacy Conference!

Memphis Literacy Conference Creates Pathways for Teacher Empowerment

In an effort to re-shape the literacy landscape in Memphis, Memphis Teacher Residency is hosting the Memphis Literacy Conference on July 29th.

In a city where only 23% of third grade students are on grade level in ELA (English/Language Arts), and where some schools dip as low as 8% (data from Shelby County Schools), action is required. Literacy leaders across Memphis—from your local library to groups like ARISE2Read—are working diligently to turn these numbers around. 

As a state leader in teacher education, Memphis Teacher Residency, has not only become a vested partner in Shelby County Schools through their Teacher Residency Program—but they’re continuing to change the game with two important reading resources made readily available for Mid-South educators.

In 2021, MTR announced the creation of the Memphis Literacy Institute, founded with a vision to further efforts to build literacy across the MidSouth.

The Institute will provide strategy and resources committed to teacher training in the science of reading, in addition to playing host to the annual Memphis Literacy Conference where educators can come together for a full day of FUNdamental development

"Because of the diligent work of our instructors, mentors, and teachers, we have proven experience in teacher training. This emphasis on providing professional development at scale across the city—and specifically in the science of reading—is our next step in doing our part to address the needs of Memphis students.”
David Montague
Executive Director

With breakout sessions supporting topics such as Visible Language and Multilingual Leaners—plus giveaways, an exclusive movie screening, and the chance to be empowered and captivated by keynote speaker Dr. Kymyona Burk—the Memphis Literacy Conference is creating progressive learning pathways for both students and teachers.  

The Memphis Literacy Conference will take place Saturday, July 29th, from 8am to 1pm at the Crosstown Concourse.

Registration is $55 and includes attendance, lunch, a T-shirt, a swag bag, and a free screening of “The Right to Read.”

Not a teacher, but want to be a part of building a better future for local learners and educational leaders?

This work is made possible by generous individual and corporate donors, and by volunteers who give their time, talent, and advocacy to the cause of equal education.

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